Strategy & Positioning

Strategy and positioning align to give focus and direction to your marketing communications activities and support the over-arching business goals. But how do you ensure that they are optimised across national borders to deliver true competitiveness?

Working with Plexus lets you draw on an international partnership of informed business communicators. You can fine-tune your strategy and positioning using feedback from professionals on the ground. Good intelligence ensures that the end result is fit for travel and able to deliver what the business requires.

The Plexus agency partnership is constantly practicing the art of effective cross-border partnership to deliver real business value. They work in a wide range of business sectors and support clients with these key benefits:

  • Local business insight and acumen and an intimate knowledge of the different practices that make the wheels of commerce turn in that country.
  • Cultural sensitivity which means that your activities have a good fit with the social conventions and communities that you are engaging with.
  • Linguistic fluency which means that subtleties of comprehension and communication in another country are fully appreciated and exploited.
  • Media familiarity ensures that you understand the in-country news agenda and also have the necessary guidance to ensure that the right channels are used.

Today you cannot afford to be anything other than international in your outlook. The Plexus agency gives you perspective and supports you in creating and implementing strategy and positioning that is fit for a global purpose.