Stakeholder Engagement

Effective stakeholder engagement, particularly in the new world of social media, is vital for long term business success. The risks associated with poor stakeholder relations and the opportunities provided by constructive ones are just too important to ignore. This discipline requires a level of understanding and intimacy with relevant communities that is only possible on the ground, and in the country. That’s where the Plexus Group can make a difference. 

We provide both strategic and tactical support that helps you develop strategic channels for positive relationships with these groups. The goal is to take a longer term approach and use new forms of engagement that reduce risk and support your business growth.

Practice shows that early and intimate engagement with stakeholder communities is the key to developing positive working relationships. Here, we will help you identify groups outside the core operation of the business - communities, government authorities, institutions and other interested and affected parties – that you need to develop good relationship with.

This information will be used to prepare a detailed stakeholder engagement plan that provides a snapshot of attitudes and relevant actions. Agencies can then support clients with a range of tactical initiatives.

These range from ‘transcreating’ briefing materials into a range of suitable media for distribution and broadcast, to organising formal and informal gatherings to personalise the company’s engagement.

Key to success is a well-defined strategy, the long-term engagement of the business team, and a team of communications professionals who are based in the country and therefore able to communicate intuitively and using the local idiom.