Social Media

Where corporations used to make pronouncements, they now need to engage in conversations. That’s because web-based and mobile communications have transformed communications into an interactive dialogue. Now the challenge is to know what is being said and then to join in the conversation!

Agencies within Plexus are all working in social media for existing clients and can advise on best practice within their country. While the Internet may be without boundaries, there are still language challenges to be overcome and country specific social media platforms to be mastered.

Key services include:

  • Mapping: Social media audit to identify stakeholders and to identify the most relevant social media channels to reach them.
  • Strategy Development: International social media strategies taking into account regional differences and variations.
  • eReputation: Monitoring, managing and engaging with your stakeholders and identifying opportunities for new online outposts.
  • Networking: Review and optimisation of social networking opportunities looking at Facebook, LinkedIn and other country specific tools.
  • Blogging: Set up and running of blogs, micro-blogging (Twitter), and blogger outreach to enhance profile and grow subscriber base.
  • Broadcast: Set up and management of webinars and other online events, including creation and posting of Video-on-Demand.

Our goal is to help you focus on developing an effective in-country social media strategy. Plexus agencies enable you to enhance your brand identity through being dynamically engaged with a range of relevant groups and topical conversations.