Corporate Communications

Corporate communications is increasingly complex as ‘publics’ may now be scattered across continents rather than the country. The Plexus partnership straddles these national boundaries, providing corporate communicators with the means to extend an organisations’ reach.  

Every nationality has its own special ways and corporate communications benefit from a local guide to negotiate what can be a complex social minefield. Agencies in the network are highly experienced and quickly bring clients to the point where they are communicating effectively with internal and external ‘publics’.

The Plexus Group will help you create the right type of communication to ensure that your essential meaning is communicated to a particular audience. Key features of the Plexus offer are:

  • Knowledge of the customs and relevant contacts within the political community, enabling effective communication at a national, regional and local government level.
  • Intimate knowledge of a country’s business scene and go-to-market conventions, together with established contact in key business areas.
  • Linguistic fluency and sensitivity to ensure that not just the meaning but the tone of the communication is optimised for each target audience.
  • Knowledge of the key media and personal contacts with a range of key journalists in the national, regional and trade publications and online sites.
  • An excellent culture of collaboration which enables the team to transform and naturalise communications to deliver a credible corporate profile in country

Plexus helps you manage reputation and enhance and protect its license to operate. With us you can be sure that communications are diplomatic and your vision and values are communicated cohesively.