Brand Communications

Brand communications is all about getting across the character and identity of a product, service or company. And it is not just about how you reach your customers but how they reach you. Brand communications today, is a more interactive process, requiring new levels of knowledge and sophistication.

Agencies in the Plexus Group all come from a background of integrated marketing communications. We understand the challenges you face in terms of protecting and promoting the brand. And they are set up to help you manage the entire communications process in their country.

This is important because ensuring brand consistency in many countries is complex. You need a partner who understands that the personality of the brand lies in the detail and that communicating in another language and culture requires great ‘transcreation'.

Your local Plexus agency will work with you to take away the worry that exists when the brand travels. They will make sure that it is locally relevant and that any communications – either visual or written – is excellent in execution and helps build a positive profile.

Key brand communications support includes:

  • Public relations, including working with the media, to build third party endorsement of your brand and associated products and services.
  • Creative services including advertising, design and copywriting so to ensure that your brand messages and visuals align with established corporate guidelines.
  • Outreach via social media and other means to key target audiences and stakeholder groups to build a positive dialogue and relationship around the brand.

The most effective brand communications are those that chime with the target audiences’ opinions, beliefs and dispositions. We help to ensure that you reach the right customers, at the right time, with the right message.