Poland is the largest country of the new European Union members. Since joining the EU in 2004, the country has maintained a the steady 4 percent GDP annual growth rate, has been a popular attraction for foreign investors and has doubled in exports since then. Although business centres are located all over the country, the goverment and media are mostly headquartered in the dynamic and affluent capital city - Warsaw. Even though the country still carries the burden of long-passed communist times, in terms of wealth, Poland has caught up with many "old EU" countries. It is also worth mentioning that Poland is almost homogeneous in terms of nationality and religion, and Poles are very entreprising as a nation.

Nationwide and local TV stations are important source of news and opinion in Poland. The country harbours 26 million Internet users and social media has gained increasing importance within the country. Internet (26 milion users) and social media (15 milion FB accounts) is increasingly important.

The Polish Public Relations sector has blossomed since the fall of communism, steadily evolving from a simple media relations service to an important consulting role today. Amongst local business people, there is an awareness of the necessity of PR.