Over the years, there has been a steady evolution in how communications support companies working in the field of ICT (information and communications technologies). We have shifted focus from only how technology works, to include what it can do for businesses or consumers. Consequently, at Plexus, we have evolved to reflect this strategic shift allowing us to reach target audiences more effectively.

Plexus agencies have many years experience of working in the technology sector and bring an excellent balance of technological know-how and business insight. Our clients work in partnership with Plexus because of our strategic thinking and creative content development translates their technology capability into the language of the board room.

The network provides a broad range of communications services that enable companies to develop and execute global campaigns or undertake tactical projects in a key geography. This might be something as simple as researching and producing a case study, or something as complex as providing strategic support for a corporate re-positioning.

Plexus’ expertise spans enterprise, SME within business to business and consumer sectors including enterprise software, telecoms, mobile, security, managed services and networking.

Agencies can provide the complete range of communications solutions including case studies, white papers, opinion articles, high impact videos, and media campaigns–including social media and viral video. Key services include: