The healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors have changed beyond recognition in the last few years, with many traditional assumptions now in question. Managing PR programmes across countries is further complicated by the very different healthcare systems and culture in each country.

To work effectively across countries, professional marketers therefore require a network that is comfortable with the specialist nature of healthcare and pharmaceutical subject matters and communications protocols, and is also able to negotiate the very different environments in each country.

The Plexus Group is made up of agencies that have this necessary expertise and regional knowledge. They undertake standalone campaigns in their own countries and also collaborate effectively to deliver strategic pan European campaigns. Key areas of expertise include:

  • Pharmaceutical products and devices
  • Consumer health products
  • Health and wellbeing services

Most of the work undertaken within the network focuses on communications campaigns and engagement programmes that increase awareness and facilitate adoption of products. There is a particular expertise in targeting clinicians and non-clinicians who influence treatment decisions, and the patients and consumers that they serve.  Key services include:

  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Strategic counsel
  • Media relations – traditional and digital
  • Professional and patient education
  • Medical communications
  • Patient engagement
  • Disease awareness / public health programmes

Healthcare has changed beyond recognition in the last few years and it’s created a world where there is a real need for agencies and networks with the specialist skills and know-how to negotiate a safe path through a world of complexity.