Alongside technology and the economy, environment ranks as one of the main business drivers in the world today. Plexus provides businesses with environmental communications that addresses critical green issues and effectively communicates the sustainability of an organisation, its products and services to key stakeholder groups.

Individual agencies are also heavily engaged in providing the communications support to enable environmental technology pioneers to transition into the mainstream. Cleantech is the industrial revolution of the 21st century.

Many different companies and technologies are competing in this sector to be the next successful provider of environment-friendly power generation and carbon-capture solutions. An effective communications campaign, that differentiates them from the competition and communicates the benefits of their technologies in an impactful way, is the key to success.

Plexus agencies have worked in this sector for many years and combine subject matter expertise with a proven ability to effectively communicate features and benefits to a broad range of quite different stakeholder groups via the most relevant communications channels. The quality of service is defined by:

  • Strong relationships with key opinion formers and influencers.
  • In depth understanding of environmental technology and business communities.
  • Proven track record of success.

Plexus key services in this area include: