The education sector, irrespective of territory, continues to be at the mercy of external influences. Foremost among these, is a global economy driving funding cuts which impact the ability to deliver education that supports wealth creation and the development of a well-skilled population and a mature knowledge-based economy.

While the international drivers tend to be common to each country, the structure and philosophy vary considerably on a national basis. Each partner agency has intimate knowledge of their country’s education system, enabling them to advise on the most effective use of a client’s communications budgets and optimise the return on your marketing spend.

Plexus partners provide consultancy to organisations focused across all sectors of education: from early education through to higher and professional education. Our teams are experienced in a broad spectrum of educational specialities such as educational service and technology companies, special needs in education, professional development and training organisations, graduate recruitment, skills bodies and the public sector.

Our core skills as a partnership lie in shifting perceptions, helping decision-making and developing understanding through professional education, corporate communications and media relations. Plexus has a particular expertise in communications that support the adoption of new education technologies.