Plexus automotive expertise focuses on developing successful campaigns for both automobiles and accessories. We provide full public relations services for our automotive manufacturing clients and can work closely with your internal public relations team to create a communications programme that drives media results and bottom line sales.

In today’s automotive market, it’s critical to reach a wide variety of media to be successful. In addition to automotive publications, lifestyle and design media are increasingly influential in reaching your potential customers and boosting sales. Our expertise allows us to target these different types of media, and create a customised programme that ensures the successful launch of your new make, model or accessory.

The newest star in the media mix, social media, knows no boundaries – it engages people with many different interests in the same conversation. Plexus leverages the power of social and mobile media to harness its effectiveness. We’ve developed communications programmes for automobile manufacturers, created buzz and excitement around new models, and developed campaigns that focus on influencing consumer choice.

Plexus is experienced at introducing new automobile models and accessories in creative ways to the media as well as staffing auto shows.