Spain is the second most popular tourist destination in Europe, the fifth largest economy in the EU and the largest mixed economy in the world.

Despite the global economic crisis, in the last 10 years the Spanish economy has consistently been considered one of the most dynamic in the EU when it comes to attracting inward foreign investment.

The business world in Spain is characterised by a strong car industry, a busy aerospace sector, a leading position in the development and production of renewable energy (solar power, wind energy), a very dynamic tourism sector and a successful textile industry.

Spanish business interests go far beyond its European borders: many Spanish companies have attained multinational status, often expanding their activities in culturally close Latin America.

Principally based in Madrid, the Spanish press has had to cope with difficulties arising from the reduction in advertising revenues. Nevertheless, there is a wide range of daily and weekly newspapers, magazines and an influential trade press. With the expansion of publications online, blogs and the social media, Spain remains a very attractive market. There are some 46 million national consumers who want to stay in touch with new developments and follow international trends.