South Africa

Positioned at the southernmost tip of Africa, South Africa is home to 51.8 million people, eleven official languages and is divided into nine provinces. There are five main cities: Cape Town is the legislative capital, Pretoria is the executive capital, Johannesburg is the commercial centre, Bloemfontein is the judicial capital and Durban is the main import receiving port.


A vibrant democracy with a free and diverse press, South Africa is the gateway to doing business in Africa. Regarded as an emerging market, it has a world class financial sector, a well-developed communications infrastructure and a fast-growing sciences and ICT industry. In addition, it’s diverse economy consists of manufacturing eg. automobile, mining and minerals, construction, agriculture, tourism and the film industry.


Media is as diverse as the country itself and South Africa has seen significant growth in the demand for diverse media content across platforms largely due to the increased availability of broadband and connected devices and the explosive growth in smart devices.

Traditional media remains mass market with independently published specialist magazines. Online media is a robust and fast growing sector, radio listenership - South Africa’s biggest broadcast medium - is vast with community stations catering to specific target audiences and TV offers a diverse range of local and international stations. Our media pool when compared to other countries is very limited, especially in Tech and Finance.

As is happening globally, there is a shift in South Africa in terms of measurement within the PR industry and agencies are moving away from the traditional AVE model towards a strong focus on ROI and measurability for their clients. And, as is the nature of digital disruption, PR consultants are becoming digital communication champions for their clients.