The Russian Federation is one of the world’s largest territories with a population of approximately 146 million. In recent years, Russia has exponentially advanced putting it on par with the world’s most attractive markets.  Despite being known for its resource-based economy, Russia has been making an impressive effort to develop and assist small to medium-sized companies across various industries, and to simplify operations for domestic and international enterprises. Due to its advantageous location between the European and Asian continents, Russia is an ideal platform for managing the interests of any Western company in the Eastern regions.

Technology in Russia has also been developing rapidly with the Internet becoming one of the most prosperous markets. With the largest internet audience in Europe, Russia’s internet market value is estimated to be worth more than $10 billion. As a result, many diverse sectors including the media industry are transitioning from a print to digital platform. This has led to a convergence of local and mass media and consequently a synergistic effect within the industry