North America

United States & Canada

North America is known for an entrepreneurial spirit fueled by innovation and creativity. The region’s vast geography and large consumer market is as diverse as its mix of cultures and talent.

A free-thinking society, we embrace ingenuity and invention to drive the creation of new markets, technologies and trends. North America is known as 'the land of opportunity' where individuals and companies embrace new ideas and build successful businesses from the ground up.

Here, developing technologies change the way modern society communicates both professionally and personally. Whether it’s for work or leisure, social media and mobile computing technologies lead the way, freeing us from the confines of the office and home. North American born companies such as Yahoo, Google, Facebook and Apple, offer shining examples of how technology creation provides answers, connectivity, and efficiency.

North America made portable technology mainstream and continues to develop innovative products and services that make daily consumer life efficient and enjoyable. But, with this innovation comes a very crowded market with fierce competitors – all making lots of noise in the media. This market is followed by an intricate media landscape transforming print, broadcast and online to incorporate social media.