The Republic of Kazakhstan lies at the heart of Eurasia, and is at the forefront of Central Asia. Kazakhstan is as large as the entirety of Western Europe and its relatively small population of 17.5 million make it highly attractive for investors in the fast growing markets of Russia, China and South Asia. Since its independence in 1991 over $200 billion has been invested in Kazakhstan's vibrant array of industries.

One of the key drivers in the country’s strong economic growth is the government program “Informative Kazakhstan”, implemented to develop the information technology and grow its share of the GDP to 4%. Thanks to "Informative Kazakhstan" the number of internet users has surged from 8% to 68% and is set to reach 75% by 2020 and has ensured that social media has become an integral part of Kazak society, with VK, Facebook and Instagram taking their places as the most popular. Traditional media organisations are also creating online platforms in droves are also moving towards the online and by 2020 all traditional media outlets in Kazakhstan will have an established online presence.