Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a fast-paced metropolitan city which serves as the hub for the Greater China Region. Regional as well as global companies will often choose Hong Kong for their first launch in Asia/Greater China, to preview their latest products and technologies before showcasing in Mainland China and other Asian Countries.   

Market conditions in Hong Kong are greatly influenced by prominent countries such as the U.S. and Mainland China, thus making it a dynamic and ever-changing marketplace. Hong Kong consumers are very receptive and open to new ideas and products; thus, marketing campaigns in the region generally have a high level of creativity. For a communications strategy to be competitive and successful, it also needs to be flexible and innovative.

Marketing tactics such as joint promotion, sponsorship, and product seeding trials are just a few examples of those commonly used in Hong Kong, in addition to traditional media awareness campaigns. In terms of types of media, social networking platforms like Facebook and blogs are greatly used in the region, whilst online news and print magazines are still widely read.