France, often referred to as l’Hexagone ('The Hexagon'), because of the geometric shape of its territory, has a population of 65 million and is Europe's second largest economy by nominal GDP. Whilst the largest western European country it is a very centralized with most businesses being situated in Paris and its suburbs. Financial services, banking and the insurance sector are an important part of France's economy, as well as food, technology and tourism. The country is also known for luxury consumer products and couture fashion.
95% of France’s national press is based in Paris.  However, traditional print press, as in other countries, is declining with the more specialised press being purely online. Blogger outreach and all areas of digital relations are now part of every company’s communications initiatives. Despite the fact that in terms of technology, only 18% of the French customers are early adopters, France has 20 million users on Facebook with 11 million people using it every day.