With a population of 200 million, Brazil is the largest country in South America as well as being the fifth worldwide for territorial extension. It is also has the largest economy in South America and the leading foreign investment destination in the region. The Brazilian PR market is relatively new, as it has only really begun to grow in the last 25 years.

 Since the beginning of the 1990s, the expansion of communication within organizations has accelerated dramatically, and a new approach to companies surrounding communication and more specifically, media relations. This approach is clearly demonstrated by the increase in investments in communication and especially by the fact that this area is now considered a strategic tool in the business context. The PR sector is also running successfully: today, Brazil has specialized agencies in gastronomy, tourism, cosmetics, technology etc.

Additionally, the Technology and Telco markets are currently experiencing exciting expansion in Brazil: both industries are required to grow 5 percent this year. This is fantastic news for all PR professionals who might also want an increase on enterprises demand from now on.